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Staff Development and Training Policy

Aimtarget ensures employees gain all the training and information required for their roles to learn and progress within the organisation and actively encourages individual continuous development. The company has clearly communicated goals and performance standards and an open relationship with its management and supervisory staff to see that all employees get fair recognition and the opportunity to improve performance.
Aimtarget has programmes in place to ensure that there are opportunities for staff to learn and develop at all levels of the company.  It has in-house skills training complemented by development programmes tailored to the needs of the business that include personal learning and development opportunities.
The Training & Development Department is responsible for validation of learning and development with line managers to ensure that the training given is satisfactorily improving work performance and meets the candidate's needs.  The department also ensures that learning and development programmes are evaluated through monitoring delegate satisfaction and by checking the quality and content of courses delivered internally and externally.
All trainers are highly respected and knowledgeable in their specific area of the business and have occupational experience gained over many years. These are supported by external specialist training providers, where required.
The company prides itself in the quality standard of its training and this is measurable through audit, feedback and the continuing success of the business.
A major Aimtarget strength is its staff and the company aims to ensure that everyone who works for it is rewarded fairly and in accordance with the effort and talent they bring.
The company certainly employs a very wide range of talent in order to service its clients effectively and efficiently and by the nature of its contracting business often requires new people.
Copyright 2005-2009 Aimtarget Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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