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Environmental Policy Statement

Aimtarget Limited will seek to promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and to minimise environmental pollution in all its own activities and, where possible, by its influence over others. The Company will review all its policies, services and activities and act wherever necessary, to meet this commitment. The objective will be to minimise the environmental impact of all our operations. To do this the Company will:
    * Assess and understand the environment impact of our business and those contracts we undertake for others and take steps to minimise these impacts.
    * Meet all necessary regulatory and consent requirements pertaining to our business.
    * Continue to understand environmental issues and in particular those which are of direct relevance to our business.
    * Continue to raise the awareness of all our employees, of the effect of their actions on and their responsibility to the environment.
    * Minimise our environmental impact by the operation of sustainable minimisation and recycling schemes, and purchase renewable sources where possible.
    * Manage our buildings and construction sites in an environmentally sensitive manner.
    * Make use of wherever practicable, best environmental practice when planning and developing new and existing operations.
    * Operate a thoughtful buying policy selecting wherever practicable, materials and services which minimise damage to the environment.

Consideration will be given to substitution of polluting substances with "greener" alternatives wherever possible. Steps will be taken to minimise smoke, dust, noise, and vibration nuisance - the potential for which will be identified during the assessment process.

This policy shall apply to office functions, Company travel and design functions as well as on site construction functions.

COSHH assessment will form a part of the environmental system.
This policy will be enforced by managerial vigilance and shall be subject to regular auditing and review.

Copyright 2005-2009 Aimtarget Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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